Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bauble Head Babes


...The continuing saga...

I made bread yesterday. A very nice fat free white with applesauce in it. The first ingredient was water. I filled a half cup with good old H2O + 3 tbls. Thought this isn't enough double checked the recipe. Ok, 1/2 cup is right, poured it in added the rest of the ingredients and set the bread machine to knead my dough. When I went to get it out and bake the bread, it was the strangest consistency I had ever seen. Had to throw it away as I wondered what I did wrong.

Chapter 2... Started the recipe over and read 1 cup water. A whack on the forehead and a couple of hours later I had one loaf of bread. I keep telling myself if I still baked bread the old fashioned way this would not have happened. But I don't work much of anything the old fashioned way and so instead of two loaves of bread, I had only one.

Our name was walking partner likes this better. I don't really care. I'm sure she had some bauble head moments but I don't recall.

Stay tuned for more bauble head moments...

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