Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bauble Head Bag Ladies of Shaw Square

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Bauble Head -- When an event is scheduled for one day and the participant arrives a day early.
     My walking partner was excited for days about going to the Mariner game on the Saturday they were giving away bauble head dolls of certain baseball players. She searched the internet looking for the cheapest tickets. She finally found two tickets in the bleacher section for her and her so. She calculated when they would have to leave Salem in order to get to Seattle in time to get one of the bauble heads. They were only giving away a limited number.
     She and her son arrived at the Mariner stadium and the lines were huge. They finally found one and slowly moved to the entrance. At the entrance the attendant gave her a strange look and said. "Mam these tickets are for tomorrows game.


Needles to say, she left her adult son in line and ran to an admissions booth to procure two tickets then ran back.

Yes...they both received bauble head dolls.

      I on the other hand, have a relatively short story. I had a dr. appointment on Thursday and arrived on Wednesday. The poor receptionist thought she had done something wrong. We finally figured it out. Oh yeah, I was day early.
     My husband gave me an excuse. I have been going to this dr's. office since February for B 12 shots. All of my appointments have been on Wednesday.

Silence again...

Bag Ladies -- When two crazy walking and weight watcher partners decide to help out another young lady with the ww fee. We decided to pick up cans along shaw highway and silver falls highway. At 5 cents a can one can imagine how long this will take. So we took off with two plastic bags hanging on belts. Yesterday was $1.50 day but TODAY WAS A $5.00 DAY. We collected 100 cans.

Woo hoo!!!

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