Friday, August 31, 2012

Song Of The Highlands

It's Guy Day Friday again. I love this post because so many times we don't see the pov of the hero. Heros are complicated and I do love an Alpha hero. With Highland Song the hero is a British solder, Aaron Slade who is commanded to find Lainie MacPherson and bring her to trial for treason.

Oh and there is so much about this situation that he doesn't know. He also doesn't know he is about to fall in love with his captive.

If you entered the coffee time romance contest that ran the last two weeks, I will be positing the winners as soon as possible. I was waylaid by various events. But I have't forgotten you and will make sure the winners are posted by the end of weekend.



Slade inhaled a long slow breath, and fought for the control he always prided himself on having. He called himself every kind of fool he could think of for wanting the little treasonous spy he been sent to bring to trial. He had never thought that another little tease would ever get the better of him.

'"I don't force women," he told her through clenched teeth.

"Then get off me."

He remembered another time and a girl who was called Anna--Lady Anna. The sexual knots she had tied him in still haunted him. He’d wanted to give her the world and all she wanted was a fling before she married the richest man--the Earl--her daddy could find for her. She’d teased him with promises before she ever let him touch her. Each time the passion grew hot and intense she would fasten her bodice with calm fingers, smile at him and leave.

"Give me a good reason," he told her smoothly.

"Because I don't want this," she said.

Slade couldn’t turn the passion on and off. Not at first. But he had learned. He hadn't expected Lainie MacPherson to bring him to a passion he couldn't walk away from.

"I didn’t promise to stop," Slade said coolly. "I told you we’d negotiate what came next. Offer me something that is as fascinating as this."

Slade’s hand moved, pressing against Lainie, caressing her. She squirmed and tried to push his hand away.

"French brandy and perfume. Set to anchor just north of Dundee," she told him.

"You’re a spy. You can do better than that."

She shook her head. "Weapons on board."

"We’re at peace right now."

"There are always those who resist."

Slade shrugged and leaned close to Lainie. "You’re my fortune, when I deliver you to Bertram."

"My journal, the one you took. It’s no good to ye without the code," she said quickly, knowing what she said to be a lie. Her journal was personal, nothing else.

He paused, watching her. She had teased him with her kisses but now she wanted only to be free of him. Yet there was genuine fear in her eyes. He had done nothing to elicit that. She was afraid of him--or of his lovemaking--and the notion irritated him. He wanted to understand why.

Angry with himself and the fear he saw in her sky blue eyes, Slade withdrew his hand and moved away from her. He refused to be seduced into wanting a woman more than she wanted him. That was the kind of mistake he would make only once in his life.

"What code?" he asked skeptically.

"The ones the resistance designed to keep the English from intercepting anything important."

Slowly, Slade sat up, giving Lainie more room. But he was careful not to give her room to escape. He had seen Lainie move. She was fast, nearly as fast as he was.

"All right, little fox. Talk to me. If you’re willing to decipher it," he let the words hang between them. "The knowledge might save your life."

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