Thursday, February 21, 2013



When I wrote My Angel, the second book in my Lakota/Pinkerton series, I was very much in love with my two characters. For them, it was love at first sight.

Alexander Popov also known as Devil Blackmoor was a Russian prince. He was the first born son and he had obligations. But he could not leave Angela Chamberlin behind when he was called back to Russia to resume his duties.

Devil didn't always treat Angela as we would have wanted him to. But in his defense, Alexander didn't know any other way. He had to marry within the nobility and Angela was a commoner. He wanted her though and wasn't about to give her up.

Angela was a fighter, a strong woman, and she is not about to become Alexander plaything.

Kate Duffy, my first editor for this book, truly thought Angela was going to hook up with Jacob St. John a character in the first book who later has his own story. Alas, she did not. Devil captured her heart and for Angela there was no other.

My Angel is more than just a western. So I hope I do not mislead anyone. This book travels two continents. This book is steamy, hot, hot, hot. Back in the day there was no erotic genre. But this novel comes close.

When her father decided to send her to a finishing school back East, Angela Chamberlain refused to be confined to stuffy drawing rooms. Instead, the daring spitfire who could shoot like a man and ride like the wind longed for a life of adventure and romance--and she kew exactly who could give it to her. Devil Blackmoor was a hired gun with a dangerous reputation. But Angela was willing to go to the ends of the earth to capture the handsome devil's heart.

He'd come to America looking for excitement, but Devil Blackmoor got more than he bargained for when he encountered a beautiful rebel who answered his kisses with a wild innocence that touched his very soul. Yet standing between them were more obstacles than either ever dreamed. For Devil had strapped on a gun for the wrong man, and that made Angela his enemy. Now, he'll have to choose between his duty and the woman he loves more than life.

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