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Dakota's Bride was my first published book. Kate Duffy for Kensington, Zebra line, bought it in 1998. I fel in love with Dakota, a white Native American. He was brought up by the Lakota Sioux.

I vividly remember the call from Kate. The moment was so exciting it truly stole my breath. And when she wanted to give me a two book contract, I nearly fainted. Previously I'd set her a time travel. She loved it but Kensington was not publishing time travel at that time. She asked me to send her something else. And voila, she bought it.

Dakota found that when he rode to the east coast to claim his inheritance, white women used him and broke his heart. So he hardened his heart deciding not to let a woman find a way to hurt him.

Until he met Emma...

From there the story takes on a life of its own. From a paddle wheeler on the Mississippi to the Rocky Mountains, Dakota and Emma find adventure, adversity and love. Emma is wanted for a murder she has not committed and Dakota vows to protect Emma.

Dakota's Bride was actually the second book in the five book Lakota/Pinkerton series. The first book is called Ghost Dance and I have yet to publish this novel.

After receiving my rights back from Kensington, Rogue Phoenix Press republished the novel. Dakota's Bride is currently on sale for $0.99.


When Emma St. John received her brother's letter imploring her to escape her stepfather's vengeful scheme and to trust Dakota Barringer with her life, she was willing to chance it. But the handsome, brooding riverboat owner Emma found in Natchez was a danger of another kind. For Emma soon found herself surrendering to an unrelenting desire.

Raised by the Sioux when his parents were killed, Dakota had been betrayed once before by a white woman. He wasn't about to trust another, especially one claiming that her stepfather, a powerful W.S. senator, had framed her as a murderess. But he couldn't deny Emma's intoxicating effect on him. Now Dakota would risk his very life to protect the innocent beauty who had seduced him with her tender love.

New Excerpt:


Dakota's voice brooked no argument.

"1 won't," Emma told him, her mind set stubbornly
against his proposal.

His arm tightly encircled her waist, keeping her from
running off, she supposed. Where would she run to? She
needed him, not the other way around.

"I'll never forgive you for this," Emma whispered.

"Never is a very long time," he said, his voice suddenly
tender and a little wistful.

Dakota's hands held her own, his thumbs now drawing
tiny circles beneath her wrists. Even as she fought the
sensation, desire for this man swept through her.

"You want me. 1 can see passion in your eyes." His
lips brushed her earlobe, tasted and nipped softly. He
feathered kisses along her cheek until their lips met in a
butterfly caress.

He meant to seduce. She meant to resist.

"No." Her voice wavered only slightly. "Don't do this,"
she said, knowing that with a few more minutes of his
expert seduction, she would give in to whatever he wanted.

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