Sunday, February 17, 2013

Christine Presents: Bobble Head Babes

Bobble Head Babes the continuing saga...

February 17th, my dad's birthday. We have a big celebration planned. Except for the relatives in North Carolina, almost the entire west coast family will be there. My sister and her husband, my three children, there husbands, and my two grand daughters. I am so excited. I didn't expect everyone to attend. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.

Sweet Sexy Sadie my WIP is now in its fourth chapter, scene one. Today I wrote the McKenna clan family history. They are jaguar shape shifters. Seven members of the Clan Catton migrated from the Scottish highlands in 1831 to Texas following an Alpa male. Eventually some of the clan travelled to the Sierra Madre's.

More on the clan history to follow.

With permission from my publisher, Catching Mear, my March 10th release will be edited to include some of the clan's history. Not a lot of info but enough to get started with the series.

The bobble head babes haven't had a chance to walk. No stories, no cans picked up and no fun. I miss the hour walks but we don't seem to be able to schedule anything. So I'm running at the courthouse and trying to think about new blog posts.

Counting Down to the Release of Catching Meara on March 10th

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