Thursday, July 03, 2008

Launching my new e-pub is getting exciting. I have some great books and the potential for more. The first commuter book should be out in about 6 months so the countdown is on. My friends and colleagues have helped a lot and have given me some great ideas. My family has also been there with great ideas and comments. What fun is this? When I retire I'm hoping this will be well on it's way to keeping me busy and satisfied.

My Civil War book is beginning to take shape and my part of an anthology is forming in my head. I've always wanted to write and be part of an anthology and now I can invite my favorite authors to be part of one of my dreams.

Before Hershey we took a tour to New York City. We came to the island via the Staten Island Ferry and having been there before, the stark emptiness stood out. The missing World Trade buildings brought the reality of what happened that day home to me.

Today is a day to write my synopsis for a proposal I'm sending to Awe-struck. I won't give up my connection to a company which has helped me grow as a writer.

So, I'm off to work and a happy writing day.

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