Sunday, July 06, 2008

So, writing the novella is turning out to be a lot of fun. I was supposed to write a regency but somehow this one was in my head. I have always had a kind of connection with the Civil War, was always interested and so when we visited Gettysburg, I reconnected.

The heroine is a southern bell, living near Fredricksburg in Virginia. She is left to maintain the family farm when everyone she loves goes off to war. Finding herself pregnant at the beginning of the war, she quickly marries the most convenient man. (Not the man she loves--the who fathered her child). Five years later the man she loves, a Union cavalry officer appears at her doorstep. The war is not over but everyone knows the Confederates can not hold on much longer.

The hero returns to his beloved's home. He hopes that when everything is done, he can find a way to convince the heroine to forgive him for joining the Union army.

Ah, back to New York. The next stop on our tour was the first capital of the United States. George Washington served his presidency here.

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