Monday, January 23, 2012

Faeries and Other Fantasies

What if you saw a faerie?

Faeries can be found in the folk lore of almost every country in the world. They are a race of beings between humans and spirits. They live with us and around us but humans don't see them. Why? Because faeries think of humans as boastful breakers of promises. 

Could you write a book filled with the fae folk? 

"The word 'fairy' derives from the Latin Fatum ('fate'). The theory that the fairies are the ones who bestow individual destiny or specific gifts is found in the widespread European figure of the Fairy Godmother who endows a baby with the gifts it will need for life. "

There are different races of fairies. Great Britain and Ireland have the Cornish Pixies, English faireis. Otherworldly tribes include, dwarves, elves, and goblins and are generically called 'fairy folk' although their nature is distinctly different.

Fairies are ruled by queens. Elements of fairy folk can be found in Scandinavian Valkyrie, and Irish banshee. 

Grece--fauns, centaurs, dryands and nymphs
and other

Personally, I love the idea of good fairies and pagan fairies. The fantasy and the creation of the world with the fae folk is so much fun.

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