Sunday, January 08, 2012

Missing Little Miss Ana

Source: via Diana on Pinterest

Tonight brings another trip to PDX. This one brings smiles to my face. We are picking up our oldest daughter, her husband and my little granddaughter. She is so precious and this picture reminded me of both my granddaughters. I love the spin off of the Marilyn Monroe movie.

There were so many cute saying about friends and some oh so true but this one stole my heart.

1. They pick you up when you are down
2. They listen even when they are bored
3. The advice they give is always well intentioned
4. They run for great harvest and sees candy samples
5. They are one the nicest things you can have
6. They are one of the best things you can be
7. They laugh at each others jokes
8. They can finish sentences for each other
9. They are steadfast and will have your back no matter what the situation

I wanted to get 13 things in honor of all people who will have a Friday the 13th birthday.
Can anyone add to my list?

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