Friday, January 06, 2012

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I joined a paranormal yahoo group today--always looking for new sites to promote, learn, and read. This might prove to be fun although their are some paranormal shows, books, and movies I would rather not see.

This is pisces goddess. Anyone out their a pisces? I thought the picture was gorgeous.

Looking for ideas to write. When I wrote full time, stories filled my head so much so, I knew I would never have enough time in my life to write them all down. So, where did they all go? Vanished, well no but the ideas aren't zooming any more. My head is filled with other peoples work.

The valley romance meeting last night was about goal setting and writing those goals down. Every successful person writes their goals. I plan on doing this. Short term, mid term and long term. I'm going to have to separate my goals for my writing and for Rouge Phoenix Press. I am thankful that my mid term goal for RPP was fulfilled. What do I want for the next three years? Good question--I will probably have to consult with my partner and try to figure out what is realistic. My short term goal is to help all of the RPP authors advertise and promote their books.

My writing is a different story (no pun intended). I am busy rereleasing previously published novels and rewriting past novels. The question for me is how far should I go back? My first books are not very well written.

As I close on this, and go back to my cityville game, I will consider and ponder my goals. Tomorrow I will write them down. I promise.

Oh, I do have one short term goal in mind. I intend to promote Safari Moon until I sell at least one copy!
It's a good book.

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