Thursday, January 19, 2012

So Much Flooding

Source: via Makeda on Pinterest

Mother Nature will at times rise up and make sure everyone knows she's the boss. This last week in the Willamette Valley she did just that. First we were snowed in, actually not too bad, mostly fun. Now the rain will not stop. I'm so glad I live on a high hill.

We get more snow but we are safe from flood waters. Most of the creeks have crested or will do soon, but we have more rain on the way so conditions will most likely stay pretty much the same for several days. I know, I'm lucky. Those of you who live in Tornado country will say what's a little flooding. But hey, Aumsville had a tornado a year ago. Then there are those of you who live along a large waterway, such as the Mississippi or Missouri, well how much water can spill over a little creek. A lot I say.

We have hurricane winds on the coast and rain inland. I would say the weather this morning was about the same as when I was in Philly when Hurricane Irene swept through. Since  September this is the 4th Hurriance that has blown past me. Of course our storms are not billed as hurricanes, but many times they have hurricane force winds.

Hope the rain stops and the winds calm and maybe the sun could come out for a minute.

Hope your weather is better for you.

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