Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year

This is such a good question. Most of the time the New Year arrives and we all make resolutions. One of the most common resolutions for me is to lose weight. Two years ago I lost 50 lbs with weight watchers and I've kept it off. So now what? I ask myself.

What do I want to do that will make me proud. I am looking to my daily work which is in the publishing and writing business. My small publishing house through a lot of hours spent has reached a point where it is actually making money. I would like to see it grow and I want my authors to sell their books. One thing that would make me very proud would be to help my authors achieve this goal. and I don't just mean by editing and publishing their work. I know first hand that the brick and mortars send their authors on tours. I am sending all my new release on virtual book tours this year. I'm hoping they will sell many books. Is this self-serving? Perhaps yes? But I haven't heard anyone complaining. As the new year progress, I will see how all this works out.

I am proud of my little publishing house rogue phoenix press and I hope to watch it grow.

What can you accomplish that will make you proud?

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