Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Back On Track: Fireworks

What a wonderful week I've had.

I have been with weight watchers for three years. I lost 50 pounds and have kept most of it off for two and a half years. In the last couple of months for various reasons which I won't go into here, I have gained back six of those pounds. My walking partner is also my weight watcher partner and she lost fifty-five pounds and has recently gained about ten pounds back. This week, Tuesday, we committed to getting back on track. We are both life time members of weight watchers, so we do not have to pay to go to the meeting unless we are two pounds over our goal weight.  Needless to say we both came pretty close to having to pay. I want to loose the rest of the weight I did not originally loose. Which would be a total of eighteen pounds. That would put me at the lowest I can be in the ww program and what I weighed in college. It's hard to stay committed to this goal. But the second time around maybe I will make it.

Other accomplishments this week. I joined a fabulous group. MFRW marketing for romance writers. I attended a weekend long workshop for marketing ideas. I learned so much! It was fabulous and I am starting to put some of the ideas to work. I joined Triberr and accidentally started my own tribe. So now I guess I'm chief of something I don't know much about. But I also received an invite to another tribe. I will start there to learn more. Baby steps.

I also learned about some ways to promote on pinterest. Now I'm familiar with this marketing tool but have only used it for my pleasure. So I started a board for my Highland series and my Lakota Pinkerton series. Now I have to learn how to put videos on the board as well as excerpts, blurbs and log lines. Actually my husband figured this out on his computer but can't find it on mine.

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