Saturday, July 21, 2012

From Zero To Sixty In One Minute


Shapeshifting has appeared in literature throughout the ages. It seems the appeal has always been in the forefront of the human mind. Mythology, folklore, fairy tales and even Shakespeare have included shapeshifting in stories. If a character is able to change its form into another person, creature or entity we call this shapeshifting. (according to Wikipedia) If the shape change is voluntary, its cause may be an act of will, a magic word or magic words, a potion, or a magic object. If the change is involuntary, its cause may be a curse or spell, a wizard's or magician's or fairy's help, a deity's will, a temporal change such as a full moon or nightfall, love, or death. The transformation may or may not be purposeful.

According to the element Encyclopedia of Magical Creatures by John and Caitlin Mathews:

Shapeshifting originated as part of many of the cultures that depended upon hunting to survive. This primal ability is still seen among the Bushmen of Southern Africa. Hmm...are they saying shapeshifters really exist?

This is a very interesting note and I would love to see proof. While I might be a believer in faeries, I'm not sure I can believe in shapeshifting.

Reading further, they are not actually saying the Bushmen change shape. They say the men follow in the tracks of animal prey, run like the animal they are chasing and make cries similar to that animal.

In Catching Meara when Jace turns into a jaguar he is able to run as the jaguar. In his human form he is fast but no marathon runner.

Fun fact: Did you know jaguars can go from zero mph to sixty mph in one minute.

What do you know about shapeshifter?
More to come next Saturday.

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