Saturday, July 14, 2012

Shape Shifter Saturday: Talking About Catching Meara

In Catching Mear Jace shapeshifts into a jaguar. But many choose wolves as a shapeshifter of choice.

Catching Meara is my erotic shape shifter WIP. I am definitely making progress. So my question is when does the shape shifter show himself? I'm planning to combine this momentous moment with the black moment.

I worked on the first scene of chapter five today. The love scenes seem to flow so easily. Maybe I should write erotica and just jump from one love scene to the next. No, I couldn't do that. Writing with shape shifters means I have to create a second world just as one would in a science fiction, fantasy or futuristic novel.

I'm truly enjoying writing this and may make shape shifters and other worldly characters part of my normal writing.

It's so much fun working the rosettes into the love scenes and having Meara start to question everything about Jace. He is cat-like and animalistic and his eyes mesmerize her.

Mini unedited excerpt from todays writing:

Meara caught her breath as she felt the touch of the evening breeze combine with the touch of his lips against her skin. He lifted her hair and kissed her nape, then his lips moved once more over her shoulder blades.

His arms encircled her from behind and she felt the erotic brush of the dark mat of his chest hair against her back. His hands swept upward, encircling her breast, cupping them gently, his thumbs moving in seductive rhythm over her nipples.

Then his lips moved down the length of her spine. Slowly his kisses moved, touching each vertebrae. Warm dampness seared her skin then the liquid fire was enriched by the coolness of the night air. Then he was on his knees behind her his fingers brushing her stomach, his mouth teasing her buttocks. She inhaled swiftly as he turned her around. His face and hair lay buried against her belly, and the gentle brush of his tongue began to touch her there. His hands stroked upward, over her rib cage then down her arms to settle at her waist. Once again he cupped her breasts in his hands, touching the nipples then his lips caressed them nipping at them and sucking them into his mouth.

The sensations that swept though her were wild and primeval, as natural as the wind in the trees. She felt an uncontrolled ecstasy so immediate and overpowering nothing else existed. Her fingers tore into his hair but she did not pull him away, instead she held tight lest the tempest of her passion send her whirling into oblivion. He swept her into his arms and strode to the bedroom then placed her gently on the bed. He came over her, his lips molding against her, his hands moving ever downward to rest at the apex of her thighs. His burning, touch moved over the apex of her limbs, to the intimate center of her desire. He brought her ever closer, ever more intimately against him, his finger finding and caressing her. Then he parted her further with his caress, stroking her endlessly. Surges of desire wilder than any storm came sweeping through her and she twisted and bucked against him, moaning softly. Hot liquid fire smoldering deep within her rose until it burst, until she fell into darkness, and sank down slowly before him, spent, exhausted, emptied. Then brilliant lights and sparks of fire seemed to cascade around her. She closed her eyes, still shaking, and embraced him, her lashes lowered. She felt a blush sweep into her cheeks because she had responded so uninhibitedly to his intimate touch.

"Jace..." she whispered tracing the outline of a rosette on his shoulder.

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