Monday, July 23, 2012

Sun Signs

Leo rules from July 23 to August 23.  My mother is a Leo so this is an important zodiac sign to me. Information on this blog has been taken from the Complete Book of Astrology by Caitlin Johnstone.

"Drama is life with dull bits cut out."
Alfred Hitchcock (film director), Leo Sun sign, born 13, August 1899.

When looking at our zodiac signs, I think we all want to know about ourselves. What characteristics do we share with others who were born in the same time period.

Just what are the basic characteristics of this sign?
Personal creed - I will

Element - Fire

Quality - Fixed  (I'm not quite sure what that means.)

Psychological Type - Intuitive

Colours - Gold, scarlet

Body Parts - Heart, upper back

Birthstone - Peridot & Sardonyx

Flowers - Marigold, sunflower

Trees - Citrus,walnut, olive

Food - Honey, cereal, most meats, rice

The Leo Character:

"When the Babylonians were first looking up into the sky, their bellies full of wine and their heart full of song, the Sun was considered the brightest star in the universe. Of course, we now know that the Sun is one star in a galaxy of many in a universe of many galaxies. But no one told Leo that.

Leo is the only sign to have the Sun as its astrological planet. Leos continue to think the universe revolves around then... in a good way, of course. Two key words for Leos are magnanimity and bonhomie."

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