Sunday, July 01, 2012

A Little About Me Sunday

Well, this isn't Crystal, and I couldn't find a Breastroke picture but Butterfly is my favorite stroke.

I've been working on a shape shifter novel. The romance goes well, the mystery/crime, does not. I guess one would say I am breaking new ground and learning tons about this type of writing. I did finish a scene yesterday and I'm looking forward to reading it over and layering today. Hope I get to it because it will be a busy day.

Babysitting my wonderful little granddaughter all by myself today. My husband has taken a road trip to Seattle with his old baseball buddies. They are off to see a Mariners game. And my kids think he never get to do anything. What do they know?

As many of you know, I used to coach the Cascade High School swim team. I stayed an extra four year because of a great swimmer and very nice young lady, Crystal Kibby. She won eight state titles in the course of her four years at Cascade. Friday she swam the 200 meter Breastroke at the Olympic Trials in Omaha. She was sixty-second. I did not get to see her swim because she wasn't in the top four fastest heats but looked up her results on the internet.

Great job, Crystal! :)

So, back to work.

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