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Are Your Characters Screaming At You Or Subtly Nudging

This is the castle at Inverness.

Conflict and characters: Several years back when attending an inservice at the high school I worked at, I discovered Mind Styles. Ever since I have used this to create conflict between my characters.

One can never get enough conflict. Right!

This conflict occurs just in the way the hero and heroine react to things happening in the story. The two think along different lines. They proceed in two different directions to accomplish the same goal.

In Highland Miracle my WIP, Sean Sterling is what would be considered Abstract Sequential.

Short Version:  These people are like the Dr. Spencer Reed's in Criminal Minds. (For those who haven't seen this show, consider Dr. Spock). "They know Descarte's first principle. Cogito Ergo Sum. 'I think therefore I am.'"

Some Priorities:
Logic, Intellectual, Rational Decisions, Scientific, and Analytical.

So when Sean travels from 1895 back to 1621 every way he sees the world is challenged.

Reagan on the other hand is Concrete Random. These people are the "intuitive leapers." They have answers to the questions before anyone asks. "More than any other point, they jump back and forth between fact and theory. Often times they are unable to explain themselves.

Some Priorities:
Independent, Intensely Curious, Investigative, Quick Witted, Likes Novelty, Risk Takers.

Perhaps Reagan has the best character for loving a time traveller. Somehow she is able to understand the crazy possibility that travel in this manner would truly exist.

Sean's Character table: Just beginning.

Character Chart

Date this chart was completed:
Character's Full Name: Sean Michael Sterling
Reason or meaning of name:
 Nickname:  None                                  Reason for nickname:
Birth date: August 5th
Astrological Sign: Leo the Lion
Age: 31                                             How old does s/he appear?
Eye Color:  Steel Grey                    Glasses or contacts: no
Weight:  204                                         Height: 6'3"
Type of body/build: Lean but well muscled.
Skin tone: white                                       Skin type: 
Shape of face:  Square                             Distinguishing Marks: small scar by his right eye
Predominant feature: eyes
Hair color: dark brown
    Distinguishable hair feature (bald,
    receding hairline, etc.):  long shoulder length and thick
Type of hair (coarse, fine, thick, etc?) coarse/thick
Character's typical hairstyle: shoulder length
Looks like:
Is s/he healthy?
     If not, why not:
Physical disabilities: none
Character's favorite color: blue
Character's least favorite color: orange
      Why? The color of fire
Favorite Music: bagpipes
Least favorite Music: Violin
Food: haggis
Literature: Shakespeare
Expressions: big bugs meaning bigwigs; important people
Expletives: all-fired meaning hell-fired
Mode of transportation: motorcycle: Hildebrand & Wolfmuller 1894   
     Daredevil or cautious? Daredevil
     Same when alone? More so
Smokes: cigar                                   What?
     When and how much? occasionally
Drinks: of course he is Scottish              What? Ale
     When and how much? Friday nights out with the boys and brandy
Hobbies: Taber tossing
How does character spend a rainy day? Reads
Hometown: New York City
Type of childhood: Raised in poverty by mother.
First memory:  Eating candies while sitting on his grandfather's lap
Most important childhood event that still affects him/her: His father's death while fighting a fire.
     Why? Changed his life and his destiny
Education: grade school
Religion: protestant
Finances: upper middle class but has saved most everything he has earned.

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