Sunday, November 04, 2012

Goal Setting: Leading to Success! Just Take 5.

Bobble Head Babes and the continuing saga...

My partner in crime and myself wanted and yes needed to lose weight. We trained and walked a marathon. And we did not lose weight. Sigh... but... Three and a half years ago we finally made the commitment to weight watchers. My walking partner is celebrating her 55 lb. weight loss and three years of keeping it off this month. I will celebrate my 50 lb. weight loss and a three year achievement in January.

But I digress...

The ww meeting this week was about committing 5 minutes a day for yourself. It was about decision making and understanding what makes you tick. For me it's goal setting. Without daily, weekly and monthly goals I flounder.

So I set about making a daily goal and sitting down at the computer until I finish these goals. I've made them small. With NaNo going on this month my goal doesn't seem like much but it is what I can achieve. The funny thing about all this, is that when I set a goal, I find I do more. I like the term over achiever when it comes to accomplishing the things I need to finish.

It makes me a happier camper. I can relax at night without feeling guilty. So you say what are my goals?

My Daily Goals:

I commit to writing one page a day. (this from the lady who used to write ten-twenty pp./day)
I commit to uploading two Rogue Phoenix Press book covers to Pinterest. (I usually upload more than two)
I commit writing one to three blogs each day. I am responsible for blogs at my own site, Rogues Angels site and Rogue Phoenix Press site.
I commit to uploading and saving ten pictures with watermarks to the upcoming RPP Image store. (I haven't been very successful with this.

My Monthly Goal:

Success with the above. 
I'm hoping to finish my May Day anthology by the middle of December.

Highland Magic will be on tour with goddess fish starting November 5. Make sure you stop by and say hi. You will be entered to win a gift card or a MacPherson clan bookmark. 

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Oh and go Beavs and Ducks!

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Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel said...

Wow! Your list of blog tour stops makes me tired just reading them. Hope that tour goes well!

Your daily goals also sound ambitious. But good for you!

And hooray for losing the weight and keeping it off! That's definitely something I need to do.

But all your accomplishments have made me tired! Think I'll snuggle in with my doggies and take a nap. :)