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Character Chart

 Scottish Highlands

CHARACTER CHART : Concrete Random

To begin, what is Concrete Random? 

These people are the intuitive leapers. They can come up with an answer before the question arises. They comprise a significant portion of the futurists. Often times they cannot explain their reasoning.

"Tell me no and I'll do it anyway."

Thrives on challenges: Reagan will have significant challenges put in front of her.
Reagan is a woman in the 1600's. By the very fact she is a woman she has a role to fulfill. Her personality type refuses to be confined. She thinks on her feet.

(In progress)
Date this chart was completed:
Character's Full Name: Reagan Graham
Reason or meaning of name:
 Nickname:  Rae                                  Reason for nickname: short form
Birth date:  November 13
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Age:  19                                            How old does s/he appear? 19
Eye Color:  Cobalt blue                                     Glasses or contacts:
Weight: 110                                          Height: 5ft 3in
Type of body/build: Slender
Skin tone:  fair                                      Skin type:
Shape of face:     heart shaped                               Distinguishing Marks: mole near right eye
Predominant feature: mouth
Hair color: blue black
    Distinguishable hair feature (bald,
    receding hairline, etc.):
Type of hair (coarse, fine, thick, etc?) thick
Character's typical hairstyle: long, worn in a braid
Looks like:
Is s/he healthy?
     If not, why not:
Physical disabilities: none
Character's favorite color: purple
Character's least favorite color: black
      Why? Reminds her of death
Favorite Music: flute
Least favorite Music: bag pipes
Food: short bread cookies
Literature: doesn't read much

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