Monday, November 12, 2012

The Ghost And The Graveyard

Please welcome Genevieve Jack author of The Ghost and the Graveyard.

Genevieve will be awarding the winner's choice of a Kindle touch, Nook Simple Touch, or a $100 Apple gift card to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour.

The Ghost and the Graveyard
by Genevieve Jack


Left destitute by an unscrupulous ex-boyfriend, Grateful Knight takes her father up on his offer to live rent-free in a house he hasn't been able to sell. Desperate to make a new start, Grateful tries to overlook the property’s less desirable features, like the graveyard that stretches to her back door. On the bright side, the unbelievably gorgeous cemetery caretaker, Rick, is dead set on helping her feel at home. She vows to take things slow, considering her recent disastrous relationship, but is baffled when she literally can’t keep her hands off of him.

When things in Grateful’s house start moving on their own, another man enters her life—a sexy ghost with a dark secret. Magical forces are at work in the tiny town of Red Grove and they're converging on Grateful. Solving this ghostly mystery won’t be easy and with the caretaker becoming increasingly jealous of her spectral relationship, Grateful will be forced to choose between the ghost and the graveyard.


Logan frowned and folded his hands across the table, an all-too-human movement that made it hard to remember he wasn’t alive. "You can’t blame yourself for loving someone, Grateful. I may not know who I was in life, but I do remember that there are some things that just happen to you. That’s why they call it falling in love. You fall. It’s an uncontrollable act of gravity that has nothing to do with choice and everything to do with fate."

"You’re pretty smart for someone without a brain."

"Ha, ha. I have a brain. It’s just decomposing wherever my body happens to be."

I giggled, but the thought made me gag a little. "But see, I caused him to steal my money. It was the blonde paradox."

"What the hell is the blonde paradox?"

"I’m blonde, right? And sort of look like Barbie. Well, that attracts men because their caveman brain thinks I'm more fertile. But then they assume I’m stupid due to societal stereotypes about blondes and ironically become less intelligent in my presence. It’s like my looks are toxic to a healthy relationship."

"Let me get this straight. You think that because of the way you look, men are drawn to you primarily for sex and then treat you like crap due to the same good looks."

"It’s science."

"I think it’s bullshit."


The level of concentration necessary for whatever he was thinking about must have been steep, because he flickered at the edges.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:
Genevieve Jack grew up in a suburb of Chicago and attended a high school rumored to be haunted.  She loves old cemeteries and enjoys a good ghost tour. Genevieve specializes in original, cross-genre stories with surprising twists and writes a best-selling young adult series under a different name. She lives in central Illinois with her husband, two children, and a Brittany named Riptide who holds down her feet while she writes.

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Goddess Fish Promotions said...

Thank you for hosting today.

Catherine Lee said...

I love the "blond paradox." I see from your picture that you are also blond, Genevieve. Have you been a victim of the blond paradox? Is it a curse or a blessing? As a brunette, I, myself, would have no idea!
catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

Genevieve Jack said...

Catherine, Yes! But my hair comes from a bottle and I've worn it almost every color at one time or another. Hey it's 2012 - not gonna hide it. But, believe it or not, the two studies mentioned are actual studies I read when I was in nursing school! I didn't make them up. I found them so offensive that they stuck with me and ended up fictionalized in this book.
Barbie and evolution:
Blondes make men act dumber:,2933,312136,00.html
As Logan says, I think it's BS!

Ingeborg said...

Sounds like a great read.


Anonymous said...

I've been enjoying the excerpts!


Christine Young said...

Welcome to my blog. Hope you have a great tour.

Christine Young said...

I love the excerpt and oh so true. I've been blonde all my life and not from the bottle. Never heard of the blonde paradox but will remember this.

Genevieve Jack said...

Thank you for hosting, Christine!

June M. said...

I have put this book on my must have list. My sister used to love to pretend to be the "ditzy blond", even though she is very intelligent. She always said if people were going to treat her stupid, she would act it. Thankfully, she stopped that as she grew older, lol.
manning_J2004 at yahoo dot com

Mike Coshan said...

I think the blonde paradox may be perceived rather than actual, though the actress Gillian Anderson dyed her hair Auburn. she thought that people would take her role more seriously in the TV series X files, as she was a natural blonde. The book you've written & I'm three quarters of the way through it is really unputdownable. When Grateful at finding that she has a destiny reacts brilliantly especially after Rick reveals more of himself at the graveyard. Logan is character amazing & everyone can empathise as he seems the most honourable "person" so far. The sex scenes though very graphic work seamlessly into the storyline & when grateful actually finds out the true origin of her name it brought me to tears. This book is an excellent read and easily one of the best I have ever read and can wholeheartedly recommend it.

Nickie Fleming said...

This certainly like a book I'd love to read! I'll put it on my TBR pile and hope to get to it soon.

Nickie Fleming said...

This certainly sounds like a book I'd love to read. I'll put it on my TBR pile and hope to come to it soon.

Stormy said...

The "blond paradox" hahaha, this sounds like such a fun book!