Friday, November 16, 2012

It's Guy Day Friday: Sean Michael Sterling

Once again it's guy day Friday. I missed last week as I was otherwise occupied in Disney Land. I opted to do a short scene plot for Sean. My Highland Miracle guy.

Highland Miracle
Chapter 2 Scene 2

Scene Plotting

Writing Essentials 11
Scene Writing Workshop

Chapter 2_________  Scene 2_____

Turning Point___Sean will realize his new status_____________

Point of View___Sean____________________________________________

Key Plot Points
            Beginning__Sean encounters the staff at the Sterling Castle and discovers he has a twin (evil)______________________________

            Middle___Reagan must return to her home. Despite his inexperience on a horse Sean returns with Raegan_________

            End__When Reagan's guardian punishes her for her deception and going to Sean's estate, Sean steps in and keeps her guardian from whipping her._____________

(start each scene with dialogue and impact!) Know the end of your scene:

Foreshadowing_____not sure at the moment___________________

Setting___Sterling Castle to Reagan's home.

Important Elements Time travel, Reagan's abuse by her guardian, Sean finding an unsettling attraction to the time and to Reagan____

Theme_Dealing with the world as it is not as it was

Motivation__Rescuing a woman from a desperate situation


Plot To a Twist__Not sure here, still working on it


Conflict: Internal___Discovering a new identity and dealing with a world he doesn't understand__________

                External_Sean must be cautious in this new world he doesn't understand.

                Romantic_Sense of protection and the feeling of finding a soul mate.

Beginning Sentence_We are here? Sean queried.

Ending Sentence_"If you ever touch Reagan again, I will see you to hell."

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