Sunday, March 25, 2012

Faerie Trivia

I guess I'm into trivia but it is more about the research. I've started working on my May Day novella for the Angels anthology. So the more I learn about the fae folk the more I will know for the novella.

Source: via Chris on Pinterest

Here is to the fae folk!

The wild Irish peasantry believe that dust is raised on roads by fairies on a journey, and raise their hats to it, saying, “God speed you, gentlemen.” The Arabs think the whirlwind and waterspout are caused by evil jinns.

Since fairy time does not correspond to human time, humans who spend the night with fairies often return to see their great-grandchildren who are unknown to them.

A human caught in the fairy ring has to dance for a year and a day but to him it only seem likes minutes.

 Smaller fairies are more beautiful and virtuous.

Taller fairies are more dishonest and steal butter, milk, cows, goats and babies which they leave ugly changelings in their place.

Whenever you enter a fairy dwelling you should always remember to stick a piece of steel, such as a knife, a needle, or a fish-hook, in the door; for then the elves will not be able to shut the door till you come out again.

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