Saturday, March 31, 2012

Regency era trivia and timelines

  • Luddite riots occur in England against mechanizing the textile industry.
  • Stamford Raffles administers Batavia and Java until 1816.
  • The Mamelukes are massacred in Cairo by Mohammed Ali.
  • Paraguay and Venezuela become independent.
  • The French are driven out of Portugal.
  • George III (now blind and becoming mad after losing his favorite daughter, Amelia) is declared insane by the Regency Act passed by Parliament on February 5 and his son, the Prince of Wales (age 49) is authorized and takes over the rule of England as regent.
  • Anne Grant, 56, writes Superstitions of the Highlander in Edinburgh and gains the support of Walter Scott.
  • Jane Austen's book, Sense and Sensibility, A Novel by a Lady is published anonymously in London. She is 36 year old spinster who will later be known as one of the world's great novelists.
  • Napoleon decrees that French foundling hospitals will be given turntable devices (tours) so that parents can leave unwanted infants without being recognized. Before this, millions of babies had been drowned, smothered or abandoned, which Napoleon felt left the French army short of potential recruits. His effort works, eventually resulting in over 127,000 babies being left through such methods.

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