Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What If Wednesday: What If You Drove From Portland, Oregon to Brooklyn, New York

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What if you could drive from Portland, Oregon to Brooklyn, New York? Cross country tour of the vast United States could send you in many different directions. Would you follow a northerly course through the Bad Lands and see Mt. Rushmore? (I'm not sure I spelled that right) Hmm... Or would you like to stay warm and follow a southerly route?

Source: via Bethany on Pinterest

I think I would like to make several trips and follow as many different highways as possible. I would like to take lots of time. Stop whenever I wanted to. Stay a couple of nights each place I stayed and try to find the flavor of the area.

What course would you take?
What would you like to see? the Grand Canyon? Great Lakes?

Answers to Tuesday's Trivia

1. Georgia and Mississippi
2. Ted Knight
3. November
4. Adolf Hitler's
5. Horns
6. Southern Comfort


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C.L. Kraemer said...

Ooooo, I know this, I know this! I'd take the far northern route as that is the only trip I haven't taken stopping in South Dakota to visit the birthplace of my father. I'd visit Mt. Rushmore. I'd also like to take Wingman to to see Wisconsin in fall with all the colors. I've not seen the Great Lakes nor Niagara Falls so would include them on my trip. All of this would be, of course, on the Harley.

Sable Angel