Monday, April 09, 2012

It's a beautiful Monday morning

The day after Easter and here in the Willamette Valley we have another wonderful day. After 2 snow days and school closures in March, spring might just be here. The grandchildren hunted Easter eggs in the courtyard yesterday and most of our family was here for Easter dinner.

And today I am exhausted but looking forward to working on Rebel Heart my June release. I'm working on a scene that is the Phantom's pov. Oh my, he hasn't had a pov yet so I have to get into his head. What is it that drives the Phantom? His need to see justice done? Perhaps, but could it be his need to find the cure for the horrible mutant strain of the signe virus. How does he see Tori? Hmm... all good questions.

The Phantom is not batman nor is he a look alike but they both fight for justice and I liked this picture.

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