Thursday, April 12, 2012

More Seventy-Seven Challange

Below is my new cover for Rebel Heart. It is still a work in progress, photos have not been bought yet. What do you all think?

Yesterday I posted the first seven sentences and toyed with the idea of going back and posting the first seven paragraphs on page seventy-seven.

Defying the terror and the horrible rolling sensation in her stomach, Victoria
DeMontville regally confronted her opponent. "Where would you like to commence
the tour?" Tori asked them. "With the computer terminals on level two or would
you prefer to move right on to level three? I can assure you there is nothing
unusual about any of the facilities." She proffered Sheridan a bemused smile,
trying to remember the role she played, despite the changed circumstances.

"I want to see everything. I understand the equipment here is state of the art, and I also have been led to believe your terminals contain archaic information. Data that could be termed fanciful at best. I'm curious how you use it. Perhaps you are merely wasting time and money here. Perhaps this center is in need of a more knowledgeable, refined department head." He looked at Morray.

"Nothing fanciful, you'll see, goes on here. We always follow every possible lead and nothing more."

"I see," Sheridan murmured, his eyes on her. For a moment, they were filled with

David Hammond pulled a chair out and switched on the computer in front of him. It
hummed to life.

"Some of the best hunting can be found within seemingly humdrum screens, you
know. And with Nessa close by, prepared to fill in any holes I might
encounter...why, your terminal is an open book; did you know that, Tori?"

"I am well versed in your ability and, of course, Nessa is the best," she murmured.
"So are you planning on some hunting?"

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