Monday, April 02, 2012

It's Here Again--Monday Morning

Last night after watching the first program of the second season of A Game of Thrones, I started thinking about today. For a brief moment I thought I had to teach school on Monday. LOL, then I realized--not--I'm retired.

I do have to work today. I'm revamping Rebel Heart. The scene I'm working on is the first POV of Quentin Morray, my evil, mustache twirling villian. How bad do I make him? Hmm... I certainly don't have to be PC with him. What can I dream up? Made I should visit some torture sights...

I just finished Nessa's first POV. I brought in a beautiful Great Dane named Hamia. The name could change but it was the name of a goddess. I don't remember what country. But the name seems to fit. Tori will also have a Great Dane. No name as yet.

My goddessfish tour missed a beat so I'm going to have to write one more blog for it. LASR is posting another blog for me to make up for the one that did not go up as scheduled.

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