Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What If Wednesday

Source: via Chris on Pinterest

What if--I'm thinking of writing a short (for me) erotic fantasy. My question for myself is do I want to have a shape shifter or two in the story? Hmm? I love the shape shifter stories I have read but have not really thought too much on it. I would like to finish this by September but the second question to myself is--can I do that on top of everything else?

I think I will try though. Revamping Rebel Heart got me thinking and back into writing. As with anything else creative once the thoughts start rolling they don't seem to stop. I think I can handle a project of around 50,000 words--short of my usual 100,000 words. And yee gads! Rebel Heart turned out to be 137,000 words. Yes I have the right amount of zeros on the end. Think I will run off some characterization sheets and start working on it tomorrow while I'm subbing.

Hoping for a testing day!

Answers to the trivia questions from yesterday.

In order

1. Polka

2. The Ballad of John and Yoko

3. Buffalo Bill

4. Blue

5. Your palm

6. Knute Rockne

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