Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Vanessa DeMontville Who is She?

Looking for the real Nessa... Hmm...

Nessa's pov.

Nessa is the younger twin to Victoria DeMontville in Rebel Heart. She is an accomplished Karate fighter. Her computer skills are beyond compare. During her childhood she could never say no to her older twin Victoria. Consequently she along with her sister were banished. (they broke a major law of Tower City)

So who is she today, seven years later? I'm writing in Nessa's pov today. Her sister, Tori has been spirited away by The Phantom. The Phantom is a good guy. To get her away from the evil clutches of Quentin Morray who means to make Tori his as well as the magnificent research lab.

Can Nessa help the Phantom save her sister? Will she be able to conjure the winds and power their forces?

Rebel Heart will be available June 20th from Rogue Phoenix Press.
The cover is being designed and I can hardly wait to finish edits.

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