Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Seven--77 Challenge.

I saw this on a blog post and thought it would be fun. There was an award involved but I'm not offering one.
So picking pages and sentences at random peeked my curiosity. And since at this moment I was looking for something other to do than write, I decided to try this.

1. I have to go to page 77 of my current WIP

2. I have to scroll down to line 7

3. I copy down the next 7 lines (although clraven also offer the option of the next 7 sentences or next 7  paragraphs at this stage as well) and post them as they are written.

4. I tag 7 authors to do the same

5. I then let them know

So, having followed these instructions to the letter, here are 7 sentences from Rebel Heart...  Happy reading, everyone.

This might be fun to keep going.

DeMontville regally confronted her opponent. "Where would you like to commence
the tour?" Tori asked them. "With the computer terminals on level two or would
you prefer to move right on to level three? I can assure you there is nothing
unusual about any of the facilities." She proffered Sheridan a bemused smile,
trying to remember the role she played, despite the changed circumstances.

"I want to see everything. I understand the equipment here is state of the art, and I also have been led to believe your terminals contain archaic information. Data that could be 

So I challange:

Genene Valleau writing as Genie Gabriel
Chris Kraemer writing as C.L. Kraemer
Rosemary Indra
Courtney Rene
Kim Dahl writing as K.J. Dahlen
Angela Castle
Nikkie Fleming

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