Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Rebel Heart/getting ready for its June release

Beautiful Oregon

Rebel Heart has become a fantasy romance. It has more points of view to help explain the storyline. I have finished a new scene with Nessa's point of view. The twin who will eventually find her soul mate. Advisor DeMontville has a point of view and we learn how difficult it was to banish the girls from Tower City.

Quentin Morray the evil crime syndicate boss has his point of view also. Still working on this one. I have found that it is incredibly difficult to show how evil he is when I am in his pov. So today I am going to take a break and move on to Kaitlyn DeMontville's pov. Kaitlyn is the wife to the advisor and mother to the twins.

Wonderful, wonderful fun this revamping Rebel Heart. As soon as I have the cover, I will post it.

So, on to bigger and better things.

Oh, I am rapping up my Safari Moon Tour with a stop at Storm Goddess blog. Please visit and say hello.

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