Sunday, September 23, 2012

2-0 Beavers Won!

Bobble Head Babes & The Continuing Saga

My walking partner and partner in bobble heading is back from Hawaii, her favorite place. I don't think I have any bobble head moments this week. But we did have fun walking Shaw Square. It's about a 5 mile walk in the Oregon mist.

Looking forward to a mini vacation on the Oregon coast. Can't wait to take some new pictures and maybe capture another sunset. Never camped in a Yurt before so this will be a new experience. My daughter say "they have heat." I need heat. It's supposed to be in the 60's which is a nice temperature but I'm sure the nights will be pretty cold. 

Ah... the other bobble head babe did have a moment when she first arrived in Hawaii. She left her cell phone on the shuttle that took her from the airport to her room. She had to go back early in the morning to get it. 

Woo hoo!! Beavs won. They have dropped two ranked schools now. Hubby says they will be ranked after this but I will believe it when I see it. Go Oregon State! 

Now I get to cheer for the Ducks. (I live in a split household. Two of us are Beavs and the two are Ducks then there is one Willamette U grad. But she routes for the Ducks.)

Ducks won 49-0 great Saturday!

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