Thursday, September 27, 2012

Myst Harbor, laugh, love, family

Revisited the fictional town of Myst Harbor, Oregon this week. Myst Harbor is actually Newport, Oregon in 1894 and the setting forThe Locket. The Locket is the 3rd book in the Lakota/Pinkerton series.

My family spent a few days Yurt camping at Beverly Beach. If you haven't spent any time in a yurt or don't know what it is, it is half way between real camping in a tent and the good old luxurious motor home camping.

A Yurt

I alway like a bit of the fantasy in a book. And the Locket starts out with just that. 


The Legend

The Crimea, 1294

Light mysteriously broke from the eastern horizon. The dark silhouette of a man on horseback stood in bold relief. In one hand he held a saber, in the other a rose. He held both objects aloft, his arms stiff while his battle cry filled the air, the sound stark and terrifying.

The lone man remained on top of the hill but a moment and then, as if the delicate flower burned his hands, he threw the rose to the dry desert sands. When he turned his horse and rode away, the rose was trampled beneath the hooves of his stallion.

A breeze lifted the petals of the flower from the stem one at a time, leaving only the thorns behind. Clouds rolled in, thunder demanding its place next to the sheets of lightning that suddenly controlled the dawn.

We spent some time at the lighthouse at Yaquina Head a place where smugglers loved to store there ill gotten gains in caves at the waters edge. 

Looking to the south of the lighthouse one can see craggy rocks and endless beach. Of course the town is fictional. The name of the town, derived from the fog that often blankets this area was not in existence this day of our visit. As one can see it was an absolutely beautiful day.


Seeking revenge for crimes against his family, Misha Petrovich follows a path that leads straight to Ariel Cameron's boarding house in Mist Harbor, Oregon. A family heirloom in Ariel's possession leads Misha to believe she is guilty. The locket has been handed down to the oldest girl in the Petrovich family for generations. 

Ariel is innocent of wrong doing, but her father is not. Misha is torn by his feelings for Ariel and his need for restitution against her father. Knowing the relationship between them is fragile, Misha does everything in his power to protect Ariel's father. His efforts are to no avail when her father is shot.

Ariel comes to realize Misha's steadfast courage and determination to protect her and her father, despite what has happened to his family. Ariel's love and devotion heals Misha's heart.

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