Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Turbo Should Be Leashed

Any pet peeves?

So I suppose this is a bobble head moment. Can't get this turned right

No pun intended, dogs on busy highways should be leashed. My hubby and I were walking our dog this morning. We live in the country and to access a dog walking friendly road we have to walk about a quarter mile on a busy highway. There are a couple of houses on this section who have big dogs and they never have them on a leash. It isn't a problem when we are starting our walk because we are on the same side of the highway. When they rush out to say hi to our dog, no one is in dire trouble and about to get run over. When we are on our way home, the situation is reversed.

This morning turbo jettisoned across the highway. Luck was with him because there were no cars on the road. However, in his eagerness to greet my dog and the ensuing sniffing and hello's, my dog slipped his leash. And of course he smelled freedom. Rogue took off down the highway. At least he knew his way home but he thought he owned the road. This time luck was with him too. The cars that appeared saw us waving and saw Rogue trotting innocently along the center line.

What could have been a tragic ending, ended peacefully with Rogue showing us the way home. He remained just far enough ahead that we could not get the leash back on him.

I truly don't understand why people own dogs and don't look out for their safety.

Pet peeve of the day. Accidents can happen no matter how well trained your dog.


Monica Stoner said...

The first thing we did when we moved to the country was put up fences, so the dogs had two barriers between themselves and freedom. "Country" does not mean "irresponsible."

Christine Young said...

I'm so glad to hear that. I am an avid walker. My walking partner is very afraid of dogs and when they rush out at us she does everything wrong.