Sunday, September 02, 2012

Bobble Head Babes

Announcing The Contest Winners:

$25.00 Amazon gift card goes to Ruby Swan
My novella The Gift goes to Ingeborg
My novella Star Crossed goes to Manic Scribbler

Congratulations all and thank you for commenting.

The Continuing Saga...

We only run for sees candy and great harvest bread. And that is only when they are about to close. 

Such a week it was...

Came back from visiting my parents home in Medford, Oregon. My dad made me sour dough starter and I forgot it. I'm sure he was not very happy. 

Tuesday morning on the way to working out, I couldn't find my keys. I borrowed my husbands. When I tried to lock the car door my car beeped and unlocked itself. It is a very smart car. It won't let me lock my keys in it. This feature has come in handy a number of times. I proceeded to do this several times with my walking partner looking on and wondering just what it was I was trying to do. I finally realized my keys were in my purse inside my car. I found my keys!!

Wednesday, I'm sure something happened but I can't recall. I do think I had something everyday this week. I decided I should write stuff down. But alas, I did not.

Thursday we walked the loop from the south fall to the north falls at Silver Falls park. It is an eight mile walk and absolutely gorgeous. It is really fun to walk in the spring when there is lots of water going over the falls. We rounded a corner and spotted a deer on the trail. My walking partner loves to take pictures of deer. The smart animal would only let us get so close before he sprinted up the trail a few yards. This happened about five times before the four legged creature grew tired of us and left the trail.

Friday my husband and I took our almost three year old grand daughter to the Portland zoo. Lots of fun but the drive home took more than double the time. The freeway was a parking lot due to an accident. 

Today, Saturday, I discovered I was spelling bobble head wrong. Sigh...

Stay tuned for more next week.

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