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Sin, Sex and Love in the Highlands.

Bobble Head Babes the continuing saga...

Triberr is new to me. I was going along just fine when I belonged to one tribe. A couple of days ago I joined a second tribe and it was oh so easy.

Not. Well it would have been if I hadn't been impatient. I didn't know why I didn't have an approve button for my new tribe.


Didn't have one because I had already approved all the new posts.

Saturday is game day. I belong to a divided family, half are Oregon Ducks and the better half are Oregon State Beavers. Today we could all cheer on both teams and both teams won. Woo Hoo!!!
No bobble heading here.

But oh my knitting. In one row I managed to add 10 knew stitches. So I ripped my 17 rows out, deciding to start all over.

Heres to Sin, Sex and Love in the Highlands.

Will Hunter Grey fall in love with Allura? She fighting not to fall in love. Sure the sex is great but sex doesn't last a life time.

Check out Allura the first book in the 12 dancing princess' series. It's only $.99.



With her golden hair and cobalt eyes, Allura Mclellan was a trophy beyond compare. Her hand in Marriage given to any man who could discover her secret, she set out to bedevil every man who answered the ad her father placed in the London Times until Hunter Gray an Englishman, discovered her island and banished all other men from her life. Burning with indignation and passion, she was determined to keep her secret from the arrogant Englishman and to keep her independence at any cost.

The bastard son of an English earl, he made a name for himself in the service of his country. Hunter Gray vowed no one would keep him from winning the hand of the fair Allura and in doing so realizing his dreams. He was stronger and more cunning than the men who had come before. The man who had fought many a war against the French swore he would capture the heart of the passionate young woman he came to Scotland to claim.


Allura was unprepared when his hands closed around her upper arms, and the descent of his seeking mouth came as a total surprise despite his question--as did the hot rush of excitement surging through her when his mouth pressed intoxicatingly against hers.

He pulled back, his eyes gleaming. He seemed to study her for a moment before he brushed feather soft kisses down her neck. They were mesmerizing, euphoric kisses that left her breathless and shivery.

"H-Hunter. What are you doing?" Propriety told her she should struggle, should tell him a resounding no, yet she could not form the words. Oh, but she did not want to stop him. Her blood pulsed, her temples throbbed, and she was suddenly very hot.

"Giving my future wife a small taste of what is to come." He gave her another moment to reply before gathering her closer to his powerful form. She was dimly aware that she wanted this moment to go on forever, and that she’d thought of little else but him since this morning when he’d set her upon his huge bed in his solar. She truly did not understand what was coming over her.

She should rebel against this. She should fight for her freedom and her independence. Suddenly none of that seemed so very important. "This will not change anything," she murmured to what seemed like deaf ears.

She heard a groan of pleasure emanate from his chest as his hands trailed along her back, tracing her spine down then up again, and felt a moment of power. She could do this to him?

"All that you’ve ever believed will change," he told her, breaking the kiss for a moment only.

Lost in a dream, awakening to passion for the first time in her life, Allura was unaware of anything but Hunter, of the sheer pleasure his touch gave her. Hesitantly, her arms crept around his neck, and her fingers tangled in his dark hair, her mouth shyly opening before the demanding pressure of his. Fire seemed to leap within, a shiver of excitement coursing through her as his hands caressed her hips, and then she felt the obvious sign of his desire against her. This was what Marrie had tried to tell her about, she thought hazily, helplessly arching herself closer to him, wanting this moment to last, needing his hands to continue to evoke their sweet magic.

Allura might have been unaware of the enchantment between them, but Hunter was not. Form the moment his lips met hers, he was distinctly conscious of her slim body ripe with curves that filled his large hands. He had purposely loosened her hair in hopes that he would see her as she really was. And now in the waning light, he regretted the action. He could not see her features, but he was startled by the change he felt in her. Gone was the harshness he’d come to associate with her, replaced by an overwhelming warmth coupled with a soft, willing, compliant body.

He let his hands roam her body, from the sweet flare of her hips, across a slim waist to a point just below her breasts. He let his hands rest beneath them, enjoying the fullness and wishing he dared travel a little higher. He didn’t want to frighten her, and he wasn’t all that sure he could stop if he ventured farther.

Once again he kissed her, and it seemed the strain of the last few weeks consumed him. All rational thought flew out the window. His mouth caught hers. His arms pulled her closer, the taste of her so sweet. He had not expected desire for Allura to overwhelm him. Her young body was warm and soft as he held her next to him, and he was suddenly gripped by a wave of baffling, heady passion. How much farther he intended to take this was suddenly out of his control. He was conscious only of the soft quivering lips under his and of the long slim legs pressed against his own, of the wondrously lush breasts pushing against his chest. Oblivious of his own intentions, he gave a groan of pleasure and his hands traveled to her firm buttocks, pulling her even closer to him, forcing her warm softness against his instantly burgeoning manhood.

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