Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Central Park NY

Tavern On The Green in Central Park

Time travel, May day, and Central Park what do they all have in common. May 1, 2013 Rogues Angels through Rogue Phoenix Press will publish their 3rd anthology. The hero in my part of the anthology, Highland Miracle, is a fire fighter in New York City where he comes across a giant fire hydrant and a cute little dog he names Bandit.

Sean Michael McConaughey is too curious for his own good. During the process of examining the machine he steps inside and is whisked away to 1621 and the highlands of Scotland.

At the time I wasn't even sure Central Park existed in 1895. But in my research I ran across a lot of information about the Park and how it came into existence. It was probably one of the best political decisions in US history.

Even in the mid 1800s New York was cramped with people and the inhabitants of the city desperately needed a place where they could go and relax. In 1844 William Cullen Bryant called for the creation of a large public park. The commissioners paid more than $5million for land between 59th and 106th street between Fifth and Eighth Avenues.

And there was so much more...

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