Monday, October 29, 2012

Scene Plotting

Highland Miracle:

Working Title for my part of the Angel's anthology.

I do not do extensive book plotting but instead I try to plot each scene very thoroughly. I use one page of notes to write a 5 to 10 page scene. Over time I have found that I do not fill in all of the blanks but instead use the most essential for that scene. I have put this form on my blog for anyone who wants to use.

Working on Scene 1 Chapter 2

Writing Essentials 11
Scene Writing Workshop

Chapter________2_________  Scene___________1______

Turning Point: ____________________________________________________________

Point of View Reagan_____________________________________________________

Key Plot Points
            Beginning: Reagan begins to understand that Sean is not who she thinks he is.

            Middle: Reagan and Sean visit his counterparts ancestral castle in the highlands.

            End: Nothing is as it seems. The faeries are at work here. 

(start each scene with dialogue and impact!) Know the end of your scene:


Setting: Scottish Highlands.

Important Elements: Time Travel

Theme: Soul Mate ( traveling through time to meet)

Motivation: Reagan has always wanted to wed Sean...

Tone: One of discovery and curiosity.

Plot To a Twist: Sean finds his new home is a castle in Scotland.

Tension: For Reagan fairly lighthearted. For Sean uncertainty.

Conflict: Internal: Who is this man who appears the same as the one she knows but isn't like him at all.

                External: Reagan must convince Sean he is someone else.

                Romantic: No romance yet but a sexual connection entirely new to Reagan.

Beginning Sentence: I have done nothing of the sort!" Sean all but yelled at Reagan.

Ending Sentence: "I own this?" he asked.

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