Sunday, October 07, 2012

Ghosts and Goblins and Things That Go Bump In The Night!

The Continuing Saga...

I haven't had very many bobble head moments this week, but there have been a few.

1. Knitting mistakes sigh... I had not made one goof until the football game was on TV. 
   But the Beavers won. Go OS.

2. I am editing a book and somehow managed to get two copies on my desktop. So of course one day I worked with one and the next day I worked with the other.

3. Then there was my first attempt to take a picture from my new camera and make a photo shop version of it. I extracted it and tried to put it on photoshop so I could work with and couldn't find it. I tried to rearrange it but it wasn't in the wrong place. So I tried to do it again thinking I did click on paste. Still couldn't find it. I finally discovered that the picture I downloaded from my camera was 72 inches wide. Yes, it was 6 feet. Was I new what was going on it was easy to resize. Of course one might say, "How was I to know?"

This is how it turned out. These ghosts were my very first Halloween decoration for my home. So of course I had to use it first. On to the pumpkin.

I love this! What do you all think?

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