Friday, October 05, 2012

Their Lives Were Torn Apart.

Michajah Brooks is the man of the hour because It's Guy Day Friday!

I have always wanted to write a story where the setting was the War Between the States. When I first started writing, these books were "taboo." Sigh... we used to here this from the big houses all of the time. Funny, how they always told aspiring writers to pen the book of their heart.

So I avoided this era in history until I was asked to write a Valentine Anthology for Rogue Phoenix Press. The idea was instantly brought from the back recesses of my mind. 

Their lives were torn apart when the war began. Michajah was a Captain in the Union Army and Elice could never understand why he abandoned the south. 

When she turned her back on him she broke his heart. What he didn't know was that her heart was also broken.

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He saw a twinkle in her eyes he had missed when he first arrived. The sight gave him hope that between them all was not lost. "Come," he stood and held out a hand. "We should check on Izzy then I'll make sure you don't catch a cold from the chill."

"I haven't agreed to anything."

"Haven't you?" One eyebrow rose thoughtfully. "But I think you have. You can deny me--us--tonight but what about tomorrow or the next night. It is inevitable. Do you love me?" he asked, hoping she would let down the barriers that guarded her heart.

She looked at him, a sadness simmered in the depth of her eyes when he asked, yet he still saw the shadows of the past years. They were shadows he hoped to vanquish. I have never stopped loving you, Elice Weld. But he had to stop himself. Her name was Tickner.

"You can say no anytime," he told her, watching her as she rose and came into his arms again. Yet she held herself away from him, still trying to dress herself. "If you fasten all those buttons, you're just going to make more work for me when we get to our room."

She flushed a beautiful shade but she smiled at him. "Let's go, Captain Brooks." With that said, they dashed from the gazebo and toward the house, laughing as if they were young lovers and there were no troubles in the world. The rain sluiced down and still they laughed and ran. Puddles were no obstacle. He stomped in them as if he were a little boy, flirting with his first girlfriend. 

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