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Good Things Come In Tall Packages

Please welcome Ann Montclair author of Good Things Come in Tall Packages.

Ann will be awarding a $25 Amazon GC to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour.

Good Things Come In Tall Packages
by Ann Montclair



  1. What or who inspired you to start writing? 
I wanted to become a writer because I loved reading. I’m passionate about page-turning, prolific writers.  Sandra Brown, Nora Roberts, Jackie Collins, Philippa Gregory—they make me want to write great romantic fiction. When I start their books, I can’t stop.  I’d like to write that kind of riveting fiction. 

2. How did you come up with ideas for your books? 
Good Things in Tall Packages demanded to be written.  While I was drafting my last novel, One Wet Summer, two minor characters snuck off and met.  When they showed up together in the last chapter, they asked for their own book. 

3. What components are necessary for the genre of this novel?
Romance is first and foremost about overcoming odds to find true love. A writer has to know what each character wants, why they want it, and what stands in their way.  Lucy Alcott from Good Things… wants to win. In the courtroom, in the bedroom, in all aspects of her life, Lucy wants to come out on top and maintain control over her destiny.  Why?  Because she is trying to overcome the tragic loss of her parents.  Lucy figures if she focuses on her career and rejects all emotional attachment, she will never be hurt again.  Falling in love presents a vulnerability she can’t fathom.  But it happens…and she resists, but Dr. Joe Connors is determined to overcome her roadblocks and prove to her love is always worth the risk. 

4. What expertise did you bring to your writing? 
Years and years of reading romance makes me confident I understand the genre well enough to write it.  I’m also an English professor, so I have a firm grasp on grammar and punctuation. 

5. If you could be one of the characters from any of your books, who would it be and why? 
I would love to be Sloane Porter from my first novel The Billionaire’s Bauble.  She comes from a close-knit family, is a career minded executive assistant, lives in Fairbanks, Alaska, and nabs a hunky billionaire.  Rustic location, glamorous lifestyle, and a hero to die for—Sloane has it all. Plus she’s curvy and loves food.  I can relate to her: I think most women can.

6. Do you belong to a critique group? If so how does this help or hinder your writing? 
I do.  I work with two other published writers via email.  B.J. Scott and Meggan Connors are terrific writers. We all focus on honest criticism with an eye toward encouragement.  It helps to keep me audience aware. If my writing isn’t working for them, I know it won’t work for my reader. I find their input invaluable.  I think they feel similarly about my efforts to aid them

7. What is the best and worst advice you ever received? (regarding writing or publishing) The best advice I ever received was when my editor insisted I minimize dialogue tags and academic language. I tend to write formally, and I love big words.  Neither proclivity is appropriate for fast-paced, entertaining fiction. The worst advice—gee, I don’t know.  I don’t think I’ve gotten any. The worst thing I did was to spend a ton of money on an MFA when I could have learned everything I ever needed to know about genre fiction from the internet and the library.

8. Do you outline your books or just start writing? 
I start every book with character sketches and a loose outline.  I find it most helpful to really know my characters and write a brief synopsis before starting to draft.  Once I understand who my characters are and envision how they’ll meet, I’m ready to begin.

9. Do you have any hobbies and does the knowledge you've gained from these carry over into your characters or the plot of your books?  Yes! Lucy Alcott loves to shop, and it just so happens I am a champion shopper. Lucy also loves the beauty salon: she gets regular manicures, pedicures, and pays keen attention to hair and makeup.  Me, too. Lucy enjoys wine, and so do I.  Unfortunately she is super tiny and doesn’t adore food, while I enjoy a robust appetite and wear size  

10. What is your favorite reality show?  My favorite reality shows are all about food and/or beauty.  I watch Top Chef, Master Chef, Hell’s Kitchen, Project Runway, and anything with Housewives in the title. Lucy also loves reality TV.  Joe is like my husband: he watches Nature and football…yawn.

11. Who is your favorite actor and actress? 
My favorite actor is Robert Downey Jr.  He is funny, sexy, and vulnerable like all great heroes.  My favorite actress is Jennifer Garner, pretty much for the same qualities.  I like down-to-earth actors and characters. Flaws are sexy. 

12. If you were a casting director for the film version of your book, who would play your lead roles? I would love to see Dule Hill as Joe Connors; and Amanda Seyfried as Lucy Alcott would be dreamy!

13. Anything else you might want to add?
Thanks so much for having me.  I enjoyed your questions!


Dr. Joe Connors and socialite lawyer Lucy Alcott come from two different worlds, two very different cultures. But will those differences keep them apart when their attraction is too strong to be denied?

When socialite Savannah attorney Lucy Alcott entered the Hyatt looking for fun, martinis, and hot sex, the last thing she expected to find was Dr. Joe Connors. Joe is Lucy's opposite in every way: he’s dark, she’s pale; he’s tall and reserved, she's tiny and vivacious; he wears his compassion and deep spirituality on his sleeve, she wears designer bags and clothes. That night at the Hyatt Lucy found herself not in the arms of a casual encounter but reaching out to a man who challenged the walls she had built around her heart—and when he gave her his number, Lucy knew Joe deserved a woman as warm and tender as he was. So she threw his number away. When an unexpected meeting six months later brings them together again, will Joe overcome Lucy’s fear of losing her heart, or are their two very different worlds destined to keep them apart forever?



The man wanted her.

Lucy felt the passion rolling off of Joe like tidal waves, and she was more than ready to let him knock her off her feet.

“Shall we go upstairs, Joe? I could use a quiet moment with you before we say goodbye again. Every time we’ve been together it’s been in a crowd with music pulsing in the background and drinks in our hands. Let’s be real. Let’s go upstairs and spend some alone time. I won’t bite. Unless you want me to.”

His big smile lit up the room like Georgia sunshine. He stood and proffered his hand, looming above her like an awesome Egyptian statue. Lucy was dwarfed by almost everyone, but Joe was enormous by anyone’s standards. When she’d first met him, despite the fact he was at a medical convention, she’d assumed he played for the NFL. The fact that he possessed brains and brawn made him ideal for bed sport. It hadn’t worked out that night, but tonight…Lucy could hardly wait.

“Should we say goodbye to Ben and Maura?” Lucy cocked her head to scan the crowded room. She spotted them in the center of the ballroom floor, Jessie sandwiched between her parents, standing on her dad’s feet as the happy newlyweds shared a family dance.

“Let’s not bother them. Come on, sweetness.” Joe effortlessly pulled Lucy to her sore feet and put his strong arm around her waist. She hobbled a bit. “Shall I carry you, my Southern Belle?”


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

I grew up sneak-reading all my mom's steamy romance novels. She kept them high on a shelf in her closet and warned, "You better not read those..." Of course, I read them. And now I write them! I strive to take readers on a fun, emotionally charged, and highly sensual ride to happily ever after. Available now: THE BILLIONAIRE'S BAUBLE (Soul Mate Publishing 2011), ONE WET SUMMER (Musa Publishing 2012), and GOOD THINGS COME IN TALL PACKAGES (Musa Publishing 2012). Next up: LADY IN DEED, my debut novel in historical romance set in Tudor England (Musa Publishing Winter 2012).

I am a member of the Romance Writers of America (RWA) and a community college English professor. I live in the Finger Lakes region of New York with my sexy hero and our teenage son. Our grown daughter lives in Los Angeles, California--my hometown.

Thanks for learning a little about me. You can contact me at

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Thank you for hosting Ann today.

Ann Montclair said...

Yes. Thanks so much!

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Welcome to my blog. Hope you have a great tour!

MomJane said...

I love the excerpt. I really think your story sounds awesome. By the way, if I start reading a book, and I find too many errors in the grammar, I put it down.

Anonymous said...

I'm just about to start this...looking forward to it! And yes, I find the number of crazy typos and bad homonyms in stories these days to be rather disheartening...


Ann Montclair said...

I think sometimes independent authors who don't employ editors or have the watchful eye of critique partners can fall into the trap that good writing is all story and readers will forgive gross mechanical errors. I have read some amazing independents and some awful ones. I feel very fortunate to have worked with Debby Gilbert at Soul Mate and a troupe of editors at Musa. I'm pretty solid on my own, but their help has been validating and more than a few times positively crucial.

Thanks for visiting my post. :)

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Love the excerpt--I can't wait to read this one!

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Great interview. I absolutely loved GOOD THINGS COME IN TALL PACKAGES. I love all your books. Can't wait for your next novel.
Good luck with your book and tour.

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Great post and excerpt!

Best of luch with your book!

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I enjoyed the questions and the answers thank you. I love it when minor characters just beg for their own story to be told.


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