Sunday, October 21, 2012

Skinwalkers, native american monsters

Bobble Head Babes
The Continuing Saga...

I haven't blogged on Sunday for a while. October is a month of birthdays and vacations. My husband and I went to the beach last weekend. Spent several beautiful days taking photos with my new Rebel Cannon T3I. I took a class on Thursday night and now I have promptly forgotten just about everything I thought I learned. 

That's the bobble head in me. However, I can google everything I want to learn. I'm trying to fade a background when taking a portrait. I have F stops, ISO and all those other crazy terms clouding my head.

Yesterday I spent an hour photoshopping pictures and putting watermarks on them. That was fun and also a challenge. Amazing how the vocabulary gets in the way. I just don't understand all the terms. But my husband, bless his heart, took out my photoshop book and it tells all. 

Lately I've been watching Grimm and Once Upon A Time and have added some more freaky elements to my upcoming release Catching Meara. Ever heard of skinwalkers? Wow, they are kind of like windigos. Skinwalkers come from native american folklore. They are people who have broken cultural taboos. (killing a relative) They are witches who can change into any form. But they are most often wolves, coyotes, and several other animals. In Catching Meara my skinwalker changes into a wolf to fight my shapeshifter Jace who is a black jaguar.

Sent my art cover information to my new cover artist. Then I received a note back from my artist telling me the questionnaire was blank. Long story short, I had three questionnaires up and only one had the info on one. Sigh... I finally sent the right one. Can hardly wait to see the cover.

Beaves are 6 and 0, woohoo. they haven't done this in 105 years!

gorgeous sunset at Depoe Bay, Oregon


Anonymous said...

I love if we dig, we can find such interesting monsters to use in our books. Fun post Christine. I'm glad to be a triberr buddy.

Christine Young said...

I have really just come into the realization that one can google anything. So if I have an idea for a book or need a date...

Well, there is no trip to the library.