Friday, October 19, 2012

Ivan Is The Guy...should he or shouldn't he?

It's Guy Day Friday. I love the guy's pov. What characteristics does your guy have to have? Mine have to be Very Alpha in every way except toward his love. He needs to protect and cherish and he puts her first no matter what happens.

But then he has got to be sexy as all get out. Tight abs, great biceps and a smile that would melt steel. Some times dimples are nice too.

My featured book to day is The Talisman. Ivan is the guy.


He left her and walked to the window. The day was hot and threatened to grow hotter.
In more ways than one, he thought bitterly.

She was using him to dispel her fears.
They both understood why.

Ivan cursed again but the words didn’t ease the tension that entered into his heart and his soul. He did not want this woman, this way.

Son of a bitch. He’d used women when they were willing, when they understood the rules he played by. But he’d never hurt them. He’d been up front with them, never offering anything but a moment’s pleasure.

Until now.

Now his life had turned upside down. If there was ever a woman he wanted to make love to, she was Moriah McKeown, and he was about to turn her down.

For all the right reasons.

There was no way in hell he could use her and leave her.

Even if she asked you to?

The devil, but a man only had so much reserve, a handful of willpower.

Ivan turned then. Her tears had dried in tiny rivulets down her cheeks, staining the ivory flesh with sorrow and bewilderment. Her gorgeous blue-green eyes were swollen and red, the full lips he dreamed of kissing time and again, beckoned him. She clutched a pillow to her chest, her wild fiery hair in charming disarray.

Everything inside him burned for her. Desire rushed and pulsed frantically in every part of his body.

His muscles tightened with need and a mercurial hunger that jolted between them with one look, a split second of eye contact. 

 Tension vibrated within.

She’d unleashed a tempest in his soul.

A wildfire he couldn’t douse.

"You don’t know what you’re asking," he said. But he knew if he made love to her again, the act would change his life forever.

Making love to Moriah would change him.

"I want to chase the demons away," she said softly. Her hands in her lap, fingers entwined so tightly her knuckles had turned white with the pressure exerted. Her eyes sparkled and shimmered with the tears left unshed.

"If we made love, there would be more evil spirits to extract." He told her, his voice filled with bitterness and a longing he wanted to vanquish.

She was on her knees, pleading with him? He prayed not. "You wouldn’t hurt me. Would you?"

His stomach knotted. Hurt? The question had no substance.

Allah, not physically, yet what it would do to her soul might never heal.

Anger blazed and Ivan laughed at himself, the joke obviously on him.

Reject Moriah McKeown’s plea? For days now, he’d wanted nothing more than to bury himself deep inside her, to have her beneath him, to possess her, and be possessed.
"It wouldn’t be right," he said. "What if…"

"I had your child?" she finished for him.

He nodded agreement, knowing there was nothing he would want more than to have a child with Moriah.


Tamara Carlisle said...

I like alpha male heroes too. Is your heroine a redhead like the cover?

Christine Young said...

Yes she is. Very Irish and very redheaded.