Monday, October 07, 2013

Christine Presents: The Adventure Part One

The Travelers left their pleasant hill top home and proceeded to the airport, stopping to pick up the driver, and traveler three. Amazing how many weary people take the to the roads at 4:00 AM. The journey through the check in proved almost uneventful. Other than one of them, whose name was spelled wrong on the tickets, there were no problems. Lattes, egg sandwiches, and cinnamon rolls fortified the group until take off.

Traveller one wrote a page of her work in progress her goal was to right one page a day. Hmm... Will she reach her goal?

What do you like about traveling (a), (b) or (c)?

(a) no dusting your house for a week.
(b) seeing new sites.
(c) both

Second stop San Francisco Airport: 

The Continuing Journey...
Stay Tuned.


Phase Two Of The Traveller’s Journey.

Itsy, bitsy, teeny, wheeny, little, blue and white jet was the smallest plane I’ve rode in for a long time. The flight was one hour and twenty minutes, smooth except for the touchdown. When we took off in Portland a small rainbow peeked from the clouds on the southern horizon. I thought of my walking partner and her dad and thought it must be a sign of good luck.

The travellers picked up a shuttle to the International Terminal in SFO, Gate G99, and much to my dismay there was not WiFi. A new picture was ready, an upload, to post but nothing would happen. So the picture of San Francisco will have to wait. A four-hour layover at SFO was perfect.  Only two hours in Paris our next stop then on to Athens.

Got lucky, WiFi came on.

What countries are on your bucket list? Pick one (a), (b), or (c).
        a) Paris
        b) Athens
        c)  Both

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