Thursday, October 17, 2013

Christine Presents: Journey to Delphi

Kalimera, my friends,
(good morning)


Because of the areas long association with Gaiya, Athena was worshipped at Delphi along with Apollo.

I had an epiphany while reading a t-shirt in Plakka and saw the word, kalimera, and it’s meaning. We had been walking through Plakka and the vendors would say, kalimera, but I would hear calamari, which means octopus. I would shake my head and think I needed my ears cleaned. So, now I know one more word in Greek.

Early in the morning we headed from Athens, first destination on our road trip was Delphi, second the monastery in Meteora, Greece. Final stop for the day would be Igoumenitsa.

Delphi, hairpin turns and unimaginable scenery.  I am not a fan of hairpin turns and drivers playing bumper cars behind you. This picturesque location is set high in the mountains. Ohei (no), these are the mountains we in the northwest know as the Rockies or even the Cascades, but they are incredibly steep and treacherous. It is hard to believe that people in the ancient times were able to construct temples and build a life in this rugged terrain. In Athens which was comparably flat, I often wondered how they constructed the temples, how the materials for the these were carted from place to place.


This structure was the center piece of the entire sanctuary. It was dedicated to the god who ruled the hillside and it housed the oracle who spoke in his name. This was the third and largest temple built on this site. It was funded by Phillip of Macedon and dedicated in the time of Alexander the Great.

Delphi, besides Olympia, Nemea and Corinth held athletic games. At the top of the mountain there was a stadium, theater seating as well as judges seating.

Everywhere we have been this trip, excavation seems to be an ongoing process with an archeologist/anthropologist watching. At Olympia they removed dirt in huge bucketfulls and in Delphi they had small brushes and seemed to be sorting through what hadn’t been removed.

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