Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Christine Presents: The Travellers Parts Three And Four

Part three seemed uneventful to the Travelers. They boarded the new Boeing 737 for the eleven hour trip to Paris. Everyone had boarded, the doors were shut but nothing happened. Then a maintenance man walked down the isle. A few minutes later they announced their would be a fifteen minute delay and hoped everyone would be patient. Yes all fliers, maybe not all were patient until they asked everyone to deplane. With a grimace and a smile they all did just that. We were off the plane and no sooner had the travelers sat down that they told them they could rebord as soon as everyone was off the plane. A bit comical.

gave up here. Couldn't send the picture from my phone to my email. Wouldn't download.

The pilot was a hero, giving us extra exercise before out flight. And he made sure all generators were in working order before he would fly the plane. He made up most of the time before the travelers reached their destination, giving them a little over an hour at the Paris airport to find their way out of security, back in, then board the plane for their final destination in Athens Greece. Oh, did I mention the turbulence between Iceland and Ireland was so bad he ordered the flight attendance to sit and fasten their seat buckles. He took the plane 2,000 feet higher to miss the rock and roll.

With a short stop in Paris, we boarded our flight to Athens. My rear was so sore from sitting, I wanted every opportunity I could find to stand. There were few. The flight attendants were so buys going up and down the isle with food and drink, no one could get by.

Arrived Athens 5:00 there time. The Travelers had spent about six hours in air and eight hours on layovers. It was about time to arrive.

Athens in the evening is spectacular. (more pictures to follow.) We dined on authentic Greek food and had the added bonus of a view of the Parthenon lit up.

The picture below is from the tiny street in the Placa where our hotel is located.

Tomorrow The Saga Continues...

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