Sunday, October 20, 2013

Christine Presents, Leaving Albania

Mir mesji shoket e mi,
Good morning my friends,

We put one of the travelers on a plane home today. She had to return after two weeks in Greece and Albania to work. We are heading back to Athens for two nights then we are heading to Crete and Santorini. We are hoping for a little relaxation after a hectic week of sight seeing. Although the sight seeing won't end there but the travel distance isn't quite so far.

Looking forward to a glass of wine in monostraki square tonight and relaxing day tomorrow. The next day we are up early for a 9:00 flight.

Yesterday we visited Kruja Castle just above Relis home in Lac. Before we traveled I'd googled castles in Albania and one castle showed up. It wasn't Kruja.

Kruja Castle, Albania

To the right is the castle, behind is the fortress and behind that are steep cliffs extending into the sky. This was the strongest hold against the Ottoman's in Albania. Eventually there were able to capture this castle.

The history of Albania is varied. Many wanted to capture this beautiful country yet over time someone else would invade. The Romans, the Greeks and the Ottomans invaded and captured yet now, Albania has finally held strong. The Nazis in WWII pretty much walked through this country, ignoring them. Yet even what seemed to be only a few years ago they were fighting again.

Many of the people changed religion in order to survive. When the country was held by the Romans they became Catholic. When the Ottomans invaded, they were muslim. I'm sure many held to their religious beliefs and many were most likely persecuted or killed. 

Kruja Castle, Albania
Looking over the countryside.

More recipes and symbols of Albania and Greek to come.
Not today, too much to do.

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