Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Christine Presents: The End Of A Great Adventure, Phase 1

Crete to Athens, the second shortest flight. It took forty-two minutes from start to finish. The hotel, Sofitel, is across the street from the Athens Airport. It's a five star hotel and very nice. What makes it even better the walk from the hotel is only about two minutes. Thank goodness because our flight leaves at 6:30 AM.

In Crete the airport is so tiny the check in booths weren't open two hours before our flight. Ours was the first flight from that airport. They checked everyone through the gate about forty minutes before take off then we sat in a separate room until all the passengers had arrived. We were then shuttled by a bus less than fifty yards to the plane.

That seemed a bit ridiculous although it wasn't the first time. We were also shuttled to the plane in Tirrana and it was about the same distance.

Small store in security. The only one in our tiny section.

Phase two starts tomorrow. Thankfully we don't have to be at the airport three hours early, only two. I know, my sweet travel agent, if you are reading this you will tell me three but the airport says two. We will fly to Frankfurt then on to Vancouver and finally PDX.

My oldest daughters family is arriving at PDX from Disney Land one hour later so we are waiting in the airport for their arrival. Not sure how everyone is getting home. My youngest daughter will be there with our car to pick us up and the other grandmother will be with the Disney family. I think they will most likely go home with her.

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